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Projects in Development:

From development to production, we are here to transmit unique ideas into a stunning visual representation for our global audience. Explore our site to see all that we offer, and get in touch for more information.

The Foley

Set in a remote desert, an unlikely romance is forged during filming between a socially inept foley artist and famed starlet resulting in ill feelings among the crew. When things reach its breaking point, the foley's craft is weaponized as the oddity of hearing what one thought they heard leads to an unfortunate fateful curiosity. 

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In their efforts to preserve their small town way of life, two brothers face financial and moral obstacles as they try to save the family home from seizure with their wayward crew of daredevil misfits on two wheels.

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In an age where technological loopholes become a threat between life or death, Matty's Lyft becomes a ride of a lifetime.

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 During the rise and fall of integration and busing in the city of Los Angeles, two rivaling brother's worlds collide. Who will survive between blood and culture.

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Drifting since birth Asher longs to belong only to discover after he's adopted that he must hold this to secrecy resulting in half his life being spent pursuing his biological family.


Mattie's Mania (Teaser)

Mattie's Mania (Teaser)

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